Hoer Hoofddorpplein

63x122x23 cm

clay, wood, acrylics and oilpaint

"Her nickname? Whore of the Hoofddorpplein. She would devour her men only in that part of the city of Amsterdam. How many? A few hundred at least. How? Throatcancer eventually. Shee would smoke like a chimney. She was one of the first to have borderline syndrome.. but she loved dogs and birds.."

People say tat you're a whore when you have sex wit several men, as a woman. But why? Because a woman needs 9 months to give birth.. and also a stable homefront with the same man is prescribed, with as many children as possible. Go forth and multiply!

I like sluts. An emancipated, freespirited woman, who loves sex and devours men.